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Nothing on this web site should be construed as a solicitation, offer, or recommendation, to acquire any interest in a private mortgage or private mortgage fund or to engage in any other transaction.  Such an offer will only be made in connection with the delivery of either 1) a confidential memorandum regarding a single note and mortgage that are for sale to anyone since money will not be pooled with others and you or your designated entity will become the noteholder; or 2) upon the delivery of a confidential private placement memorandum, which will be made available only to pre-qualified persons upon their request and submission of a Subscription Agreement.  For a person to be pre-qualified they must be an accredited investors, and meet certain securities’ requirements.  Your investment would be in a fund, pooled with other individuals or institutions, and the fund would hold the notes and mortgages.

The value of private mortgage investments and the potential income derived from them may fluctuate.  A private mortgage investor will be subject to the risks inherent in making mortgage loans including, without limitation, (a) the borrower may default, requiring that the mortgage investor foreclose on the underlying property to protect the value of its mortgage loan, (b) the borrower may not be able to make a lump sum principal payment due under a mortgage loan at the end of the loan term, unless the borrower can refinance the mortgage loan or (c) if interest rates are volatile during the loan period, a private mortgage fund’s variable-rate mortgage loans could have lower yields.  Since private mortgage loans are sometimes non-recourse, a private mortgage fund must rely solely on the value of a property for its security.  In addition, mezzanine loans will be subject to the prior rights of mortgage holders and creditors of the corporate entity owning the applicable property.  Second and/or Wraparound mortgages will be subject to the prior rights of first mortgage holders and are generally not recommended or considered.  Generally, the larger the mortgage loan compared to the value of the property securing it, the greater the loan’s risk.  Upon default and following foreclosure, a private mortgage fund may not be able to sell the property for its estimated or appraised value.  Also, certain liens on the property, such as first mortgages, taxes and contractor or mechanic’s or tax liens, may have priority over a private mortgage fund’s security interest.  In such cases the Lender may be required to pay the holders of such liens to protect its security interest and investment.

We cannot forecast with certainty the size of any return, and investors may experience declines in the value of their private mortgage fund investment.  Past performance is not necessarily a guide to the future performance of an investment.  Information presented on this site has been obtained from sources and vendors that PrivateMortgageAssociation.com believes to be reliable.  However, we cannot guarantee its accuracy.  Prospective investors should be aware that such information is subject to change without notice.  Additional information is available by contacting our customer relations department.

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Many people are unaware that an area of investment opportunity exists apart from the familar world of stocks, bonds, annuities, CDs and other traditional investments where it is possible to experience consistent cash flow with targeted double-digit interest rates, offering investors the ability to participate in a professionally managed pool of residential and commercial mortgage loans backed by real estate, and in many cases, by the personal guarantees of the Borrowers.  In what is preceived as a "down" market, it would appear to be the best time to invest in private mortgages.

Real estate has two financial sides:  the equity side, which is normally the concern of the homeowner and the debt side, which is normally the concern of the bank.  Private Mortgage Association works on the debt side of real estate by introducing investors to high yield opportunities secured by real estate with lower loan to value, leaving equity cushions for market fluctuations, non-.performance, and other events that affect value and yield.  Private mortgages have stable returns and fit well within a portfolio of stocks, bonds and real estate.  Adding these to a portfolio will make the returns of the total portfolio more consistent.

For consideration by accredited investors only, seeking to deploy at least $50,000.

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