Accredited Investors. If you would like more information about investing in private mortgages or private mortgage funds you must first qualify as an accredited investor. Kindly complete the form and one of our representatives will contact you.

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Accredited investors are permitted to invest in higher risk, higher yield investment vehicles than non-accredited investors but many wish to invest only in a single private mortgage regardless if they qualify or not. We can help you find quality private mortgages for you to consider.
Many investment opportunities exists apart from the familiar world of stocks, bonds, annuities, CDs and other traditional investments where it is still possible to experience consistent cash flow with targeted double-digit interest rates, offering investors the ability to participate in a professionally managed pool of residential and commercial private mortgage loans backed by real estate, and in many cases, by the personal guarantees of the Borrowers.  Real estate has two financial sides: the equity side, which is normally the concern of the homeowner and the debt side, which is normally the concern of the bank. Private Mortgage Association works on the debt side of real estate by introducing investors to potentially high yield opportunities secured by real estate. Private mortgages normally have stable returns and fit well within a portfolio of stocks, bonds and real estate. Adding these to a portfolio will make the returns of the total portfolio more consistent.
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